Agape Workplace Initiative

1st Dec 2016

"Of course schools have no interest in wisdom!"

I was slightly taken aback by this rather strong statement in the title made in passing by a head teacher friend of mine, but decided to test it out on one or two others immersed in primary and secondary education. The response in each case was a sad and reluctant nod. It’s not just that wisdom is seen as old-fashioned. “Wise words”, “Give us the benefit of your wisdom”, “Let’s pool our collective wisdom and see what we can come up with”. Whene...READ MORE
7th Aug 2014

Selling Tomorrow's Rubbish

“The obverse of the incessant capitalist drive to produce new and newer objects is... the growing pile of useless waste, mountains of used cars, computers, and so on, like the famous aeroplane 'resting place' in the Mojave desert... In these ever growing piles of inert, dysfunctional 'stuff', which cannot but strike us with their useless, inert presence, one can, as it were, perceive the capitalist drive at rest.” (Zizek, The Fragile Absolute, Verso 2008, p38) How does one re-human...READ MORE

About Us

Agapé Workplace Initiative is working primarily in Birmingham to nurture and challenge people working in all sectors of society to a life of integrity, creativity and servant-heartedness in their workplaces, where most Brits spend half their waking hours.

We run unique courses which help working people embrace new skills, clarify life goals, tackle stress and revitalize their relationships within the workplace.

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