Agape Workplace Initiative
About Us

About Us

Agapé Workplace Initiative comes alongside businessmen and women in their place of work, where we can:
• help people live with creativity, forgiveness, spiritual discipline, focus and integrity
• provide a context in which people can discuss their deepest convictions
• apply principles from numerous wisdom traditions to organisational culture
• help people to articulate their life story
• organize and support activities and events that battle against the dehumanising forces in our culture

We are rooted in the Christian tradition of Lord Shaftesbury and William Wilberforce. Whereas they worked to bring freedom to children and slaves, we work to bring freedom through forgiveness. Forgiveness is taking the radical step of letting go of the debt to right a wrong that someone owes us.

Over the past few years we have worked with groups from PWC, Birmingham University, Chongqing University, London Business School, UBS, Abbey, Marks and Spencer, McKinsey, Mustoes, Barclays, Schroders, Thomson, The Insolvency Service, Man, BP, Queensbridge School and the MoD.