Agape Workplace Initiative

13th Feb 2012

Apple needs your money

Apple needs your money
Apple Store, Bull Ring
Level 3, Upper Mall West
Birmingham, B5 4BU

9th February 2012

Dear friends at Apple,

I have been shocked to see among the recent flurry of articles on the appalling conditions at the Foxconn factories in China, an indictment against me, saying that until customers care more about working conditions than they do about low prices, nothing will change.

If I am culpable, I wish to make amends. I therefore enclose a cheque for £10, the suggested difference between making an ethical iphone and one under the present conditions. In the interests of transparency, I am posting this letter at in case others wish to follow suit. We have always held up Apple to our business students as a model of good leadership and perhaps they will want to help too.

Of course, this £10 is given with the clear understanding that you intend to change things at Foxconn. I am convinced that a company with your concern for people and creative thinking will be able to turn around this problem quickly. And I look forward to reading about the fruits of my investment on your website and in the press as your success in this venture will undoubtedly come to their attention.

Perhaps you will consider too using some of your $98bn cash pile to seed strategic change, but please let me know if you think I am not paying my fair share and I will spread the word.

My very warm regards

Phil Jackman
Director, Agape Workplace Initiative

P.S. Don’t waste my money on independent inspectors. You have investigated the problem enough. Take a lead. You have the power.