Agape Workplace Initiative

1st Mar 2012

Join the Apple Needs Your Money Campaign

Join the Apple Needs Your Money Campaign
Come join our Apple Needs Your Money campaign to help challenge the maltreatment of the Chinese factory workers who are making our stuff. It’s very easy…

When the terrible conditions of the Foxconn workers (who build a third of all our electronics: Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Sony etc.) hit the news, it was easy to feel helpless – what could we do?

Phil’s odd idea was to write to Apple and donate £10 to them. This is to demonstrate that we would gladly pay more for products that ensure fair treatment of the workers involved, and also to recognise, in repentance, our own daily role in a system built on slave labour. The letter specifies that the donation is specifically given towards justice for the Foxconn workers. The letter also recognises the absurdity of this donation to a company that sits on close to $100bn.

So Phil just posted this letter with his cheque into the local Apple store. Then a few of us decided to follow suit…

Since then many others have decided to do the same. We encourage you to join us in sending this message to Apple. Here’s how:

You can print the letter here, adding the date and your own name and email.
• Just enclose £10 and pop it into your local Apple store. Do it by yourself or go as a group. Easy.

If you have an interesting experience doing so please tell us about it on the AWI facebook page.

There has been much protest on the issue, but we think this jarring expression of grace and personal repentance might have a distinctive message. Perhaps Apple might be woken up to thinking about their fundamental purpose in the world, rather than just making a minor change to their profit margins.