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12th Feb 2014

The 50p Tax Debate, Again…

The 50p Tax Debate, Again…
The question of the 50p tax rate is of great significance to the business world, but one can only roll one’s eyes in boredom when politicians are sat down to thrash out the argument again (and again). If I’d known that this issue would be raised on Question Time last week, I could have accurately scripted the debate before it’d happened.

The maddening circularity of this discussion perhaps lies in the possibility that both sides are right (and therefore both wrong, about the other side’s wrongness). On one hand, how can the richest get a tax break when the poorest are having their services cut? And on the other hand, the market dictates that high top-rate taxes are worse for the economy, not better. The thing that sits god-like and absolute under the whole question is capitalism’s sympathy for our instinct to keep... Keeping is winning. Giving is losing. It’s obviously best to operate from wherever we can keep the most. In this respect at least Capitalism works against Robin Hood type economics.

All this is adds to the growing desire to see a sort of patriotism in business ethics these days, or at least a sense of voluntary responsibility toward the land that a business operates out of. Are such things askable, or even possible against our pragmatic approach to business?

In any case, the 50p tax debate is another example of how it is capitalism regulating governments now, and not the other way around.

David Blower