Agape Workplace Initiative

5th Oct 2013

When bureaucrats rule the world

When bureaucrats rule the world
Last week my brain went into overdrive. Someone had dropped out of a leadership development programme at short notice and I was asked if I would step in. The programme leader saw it as an opportunity to do something innovative and different, something to do with the inner life of the leader, not just a gap to fill.

We put together two days of training, kicking off with a leadership inventory, scoping out a framework for growth, decoding five major worldviews, before launching into a forgiveness discourse via Les Miserables clips, role plays and a personal case study. This morning we should have been getting into emotional awareness and threefold assertion, before introducing each participant to a coach who would walk with them over a period of weeks to press home some of the goals they would establish through the inventory and workshop. At some personal cost, the programme leader made himself available to help me with the role plays on the Saturday.

But three days ago I had a call from a very dispirited man. There's no budget for coaching. The workshop is off. But it was the comment in his post mortem email the next day that hit me with tragic lucidity: "Hopefully we can begin to identify how the immune system was triggered in this way and with this timing. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to initiate anything in the present climate".

I wonder how well your organisation's immune system is working?  Is it protecting you from harm or is it killing off your staff?

Phil Jackman