Agape Workplace Initiative

What We Do

Agapé Workplace Initiative: Rehumanizing the workplace in the UK since 1978 through:

Habits of the Heart Course
What is it?
A course designed to help you embrace new skills and rediscover a sense of balance, purpose and spiritual energy in your busy working life. Participants develop a series of effective habits over the duration of the course.

Course Aims

To help participants to become more fully human by:

Appreciating beauty
Building effective relationships
Clarifying a life purpose
Deepening self-awareness and self-control
Embracing new life skills

The Spiritual Inventory

The course begins with a 54 question life inventory, conducted 1-1 by a mentor who will normally continue to work with the same person throughout the year. This inventory often forms part of the decision-making process for those considering signing up for a course. The coach will then feed back a summary of the inventory through a two page report, offering pointers and suggestions the individual may wish to follow as the course progresses, based on their inventory scores. Each participant will repeat this inventory in the middle and at the end of the course, measuring progress against their own ideals and goals.

The Course Structure

The course then proceeds in four phases. Each phase is 6-8 weeks long, consisting of spiritual exercises aimed at forming and retaining good life habits, a 1-1 mentoring session in the middle, and a two hour group session at either end. Each group session rounds off the previous phase and introduces the next. Each phase invites participants to consider both external behaviour and deeper heart issues.


Over the three years we have run the course, 80% felt that it helped them draw more energy from culture and nature, 80% felt it had helped them build more effective relationships, 80% felt it had helped them grow in self-control, 97% felt it had helped them grow in self-awareness, 66% felt they had become clearer on their life purpose and 69% felt they had developed new life skills.

Email to request a free confidential inventory. Not only is this a valuable exercise in itself, it is also the best way to decide whether or not to sign up for the course.
Momentum Events
AWI events in the past have focused on helping people link their work life and their spirituality, raising money for disaster relief in Burma, celebrating womanhood and giving people confidence to share their stories at work.

Our most recent event was aimed at encouraging people of faith to invest in life-changing enterprises both in the UK or overseas, which compliment or help fuel existing work commitments.

Check our events page for info on upcoming gatherings.
Rehumanizing Action
AWI are dedicated to opposing dehumanizing forces we see in the workplace and throughout the city. The three main areas of action we are involved in are rather diverse:
  1. offering help & counsel to people caught in the sex industry
  2. subversive creative performances in public spaces
  3. devising and distributing material for business people to identify underlying negative power structures in their workplace and begin to address them
By helping create an awareness of the forces which control people’s lives, we want to see people join in the battle against those forces with a spirit of hope, forgiveness and courage.
Emergency Aid Partnership
We have developed strong ties with international aid agency GAIN and after spearheading a Birmingham-to-Burma relief campaign are working to grow our activities in this area.
Personal Development

Kathy Horne is a fully qualified Yoga instructor and leads a weekly class in central London.

Vinyasa yoga challenges an individual’s endurance, balance, flexibility and cardio-vascular strength. It links postures with conscious movement, breath and concentration.

In some parts of society, developing mind, body and spirit has meant developing each in a different context – the body in fitness clubs, the mind in educational institutions, and the spirit in church. But Kathy discovered that yoga cultivates awareness of mind, body and spirit. Yoga disciplines the physical body, stills the mind, and can sit spiritually within the life of the trinitarian God. So we’re able to acknowledge the source of our becoming “other-centred” – a quality that can transform people’s lives.

Kathy was introduced to yoga in 1998, but took yoga more seriously in 2005 to pursue a more purposeful and intentional lifestyle. She is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and received her certification in London. Her background consists of hatha, ashtanga, and sivananda yoga, combining them into a dynamic, technically-based flow. She practiced under both Gerry Kielty and Amy Caldwell.